Sonicwall VPN client – connected but nothing being received

Written by Marc-Andre

If users using your Sonicwall VPN are able to connect but don’t received any packets, here’s what you need to look for.

If this issue is affecting everyone, check that the client routes are configured correctly (SSL VPN –> Client Routes).

If it is only affecting some users:

  1. Make sure the NetExtender IP range (SSL VPN –> Client Settings) is not already given to some internal devices. From the LAN, do a ping sweep of the IP range to be sure.
  2. Disable the firewall on the client’s router. In some rare case, it is possible that the client firewall is blocking the packets from entering his network.

I keep reading on the web about Dell Sonicwall clients doing firmware updates and even replacing their sonicwall without success. Dell customer support won’t be able to know if the NetExtender IP range is already given to some devices. You, as a network admin have to do this. Avoid replacing your sonicwall before verify that the troubleshooting steps in this post have been done.

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