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    I’m trying to place an untagged vlan on an interface with the command:
    (conf-if-vlan)#untagged Te 1/2

    But I keep getting this error:
    Error: Tagged flag mis-match Te 1/2

    Can anyone can help?

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    If you want to have tagged AND untagged vlans on the interface, you will need to place it in the hybrid mode instead of the switchport mode.

    To place the interface in portmode hybrid, you first need to remove every tagged vlan (or untagged vlan from this interface).

    In other words, you need to first remove all layer 2 configurations from the interface before changing its portmode.

    Or if you simply want to have one untagged vlan with no tagged vlans, the same reasoning apply. Remove the tagged vlans first. Else you will always have this “Error: Tagged flag mis-match” message.

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